Online CMS ( Content Mgmt System )


Genie Technology

The most important things that business success these days is contingent upon are the rate at which one can effectively and efficiently access information. With an emphasis on relevance and organization, the availability of unstructured information is no longer an acceptable proposition. Individuals and companies are operating from scattered locations all over the world and a slight delay in access can at times result in huge losses for them. Content and information are floating on the Internet and being processed at break-neck speeds and their proper management within specific realms is of crucial importance for all concerned.

GenieTechnology offers Web content management services that help you to enhance your Web presence. The content solutions designed by us are extremely creative and have the added advantage of absolving you from the responsibility of maintaining it since this is to be taken care of by the content owners themselves. While designing & developing our solutions we always keep in mind that our users are likely to non-technical and we give their convenience priority.

Some of the main content management features that we provide include easy to manage, easy to install, automatic link validation, complete search engine friendly, easy file and image uploading, search and print function, MS SQL Database Backend with robust ASP.NET Programming - which is compatible with the best most reliable Windows Server including online editing facility of the global CMS system configurations. We also provide the same CMS System on the Open Source Technology developed using MySQL Database with PHP Programming.

CMS (Content Management System) developed at GenieTechnology focuses on oft neglected areas like the coherence level of the site, the speed of uploading, minimum web server bandwidth utilization, interactive features that have been seamlessly integrated into the whole, simplified and uncomplicated navigation, a syndicating of content and more fundamentally, the importance of website aesthetics.

We firmly believe that a competent content management system (CMS) assists online-business companies and organizations to cut down on the electronic costs while augmenting a corresponding increase in productivity levels. Our customers have benefited from the flexibility, reliability, efficiency and relevance of the Content Management Services developed & designed by us as a part of their overall e-commerce strategies. GenieTechnology has helped many small, medium and large enterprises to maintain a strong web presence, reach limitless numbers of people, extend their brands and manage work-flow by our customized wide range of web solutions.

A realistic analysis of the future would say that in time only those online-businesses that are able to distinguish themselves from the throbbing expanse of competition will succeed in maximizing their advantages and incurring beneficial returns of investments (ROI). It is only, if and when they convert or incorporate their paper processes with the technology offered by the electronic medium that they will be able to make their presence felt. At GenieTechnology we suggest and help our clients bridge this digital divide and deliver solutions that are guaranteed to quicken access levels, and develop customized websites that are content-rich bases of information that is relevant, contemporary, reliable and comprehensive.